Friday, January 30, 2009

Michelle Needs...........

This is hillarious. Another friend let me onto this little experiment. Type your name and the word "needs" into your favorite search engine and see the results. Here were mine.

1. Michelle needs your help (Actually THIS Michelle is probably beyond help)
2. Michelle needs constant proof of love (Don't think this one is talking about me)
3. Michelle needs 2 pee (why would someone put this on the internet?)
4. Michelle needs Colorado to vote (I guess Obama is going to flood my name for a while)
5. Michelle needs to be more careful (sounds like a horror movie trailer)
6. Michelle needs a new hairstylist (my sisters would've agreed to this a few years ago)
7. Michelle needs a family that will be patient, consistent, kind, loving (already got that)
8. Michelle needs to go poop in different languages (What? the description goes on to say that you can learn how to say the phrase "Michelle needs to go poop" in 10 different languages!)
9. Michelle needs friends. (Maybe she needs friends because she keeps talking about her bodily functions)

We're Back

After 5 days of playing with my sisters, I have returned to reality. We had a blast and wore ourselves out. What did we do? We were up at the crack of dawn (7:00am) and at IHOP by 8:30 for breakfast. The show floor doors opened at 9:00 and we were there with our little rolling totes. For the next 8.5 hours we walked from booth to booth investigating, studying, deciding on different papers and embellishments all for SCRAPBOOKING!
There were hundreds of booths to visit and we hit them all at least once. We did this for 4 and a half days.When the show floor was closed we went back to our hotel room and scoured each and every catalogue, marking the items we liked with our color coded post-it notes. Then we started making the decisions. We put together 12 packs of coodinating scrapbooking items making sure our prices fit into our formula.On the last day we placed all of our orders. Whew!
It was intense but the three of us make a great team. I don't think we ever stopped talking or laughing. Here are some photos.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm running away

Yes, I am! I am running away with my sisters this weekend. Off to sunny Anaheim we go to attend the annual Craft & Hobby Show convention where all the scrapbooking manufacturers display their new products and releases. We will walk the showroom floor for 10 hours every day, visit hundreds of booths, take notes on what we like, then sit down on our hotel room floor for hours and put together our scrapbooking packs for our business. We'll go to sleep after midnight every night and eat donuts for breakfast. I bought 4 six packs of diet pepsi but that probably won't be enough. There will be no dinners to fix, no diapers to change, no kids to tuck in and no laundry to get done. We will laugh and talk non-stop because we never have a problem figuring out what to say. We will see old friends and make new ones. We'll get tons of free stuff and spend thousands of dollars (yikes!) all for the sake of scrapbooking. Then on Wednesday we will sadly say goodbye yet we'll be thankful that we're off our feet and we'll return to the children and husbands that we dearly love.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

20 Years Ago

This morning I was in a cranky mood. Why? Because there's a field trip at school. Can I tell you how much I hate school field trips. I hate feeling like my kid will be neglected if I'm not there (because at our lovely school, parents drop everything to attend every single event the kids participate in). I hate walking around acting like I'm interested in how pizza dough is flattened or how a grocery store receives shipments. I hate crating my younger child around with me and struggling with a stroller through tiny places. But most of all, I'm just a HOME-BODY and I hate having to leave my house for something extra.

So, I decided to do something fun before I left the house. I went to my cupboard full of old journals and picked out the one from 1989 and looked up January 22. And this is what I found. A cute picture from my then 6 year old sister. I was in college. She was in the first grade. And all of a sudden I wasn't in such a bad mood anymore. Thanks, Ashli.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It Starts Early

This post is for Grandma Mary. It must be in our genes! And that mess is from one little molasses chip!

She Can't Help But Dance

When Camille's not throwing all the refrigerator magnets onto the kitchen floor, she's putting the animal shapes into the barn. When a match is made the barn plays a little dance. After a few times, we realized Camille would start the same little shaking dance to the music. We tried to catch it on video. She's one funny little kid!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh, I LOVE HIM ! ! @ ! **

Sometimes the kids we love are so cute we just want to EAT THEM!

My Grandpa Guymon would be so proud

My Grandpa Guymon could fix anything. He was a master! So when I was faced with an extension cord running infront of my kitchen door in the garage, I figured "I have Guymon blood in me. I can make this work." I know this is no big deal to most of you but I was quite proud of myself for figuring out how to rig this cord out of our traffic pattern.
By the way - the cord is for charging the motorized scooters the kids got for Christmas.

We're almost open

Looks like we're going to be able to move in to our new office building within the next week. Last night the cleaning crew was working hard. A few doors need to be put on hinges but all the other work is done. This is a big step - and very scary.

Scribner Allergy will begin taking patients. Hopefully business will pick up quickly despite the economy. I'll have to work a few hours to take care of the business end of things. I'm definitely no help in the medical part of the practice! Troy & I make a good team. I just need to work on being more patient.

Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How many of you did this?

This was the final touch to our tailgate party. Yummy! (My dad missed the game and all the partying beforehand because he was in Australia on vacation.)

Friday, January 9, 2009


While I was on the phone, Camille walked into my room, grabbed my 44 oz. cup of Diet Pepsi and walked out of the room.
I found her in the family room sitting down to watch the rest of Elmo.

A Typical FHE Night

Every Monday night we get together with my extended family. Usually we have dinner at my parent's house but since they are currently in New Zealand and Australia, we decided to go out to pizza. And we had a blast!

Rose Bowl Fun

For all the USC football games we have attended over the years, we have never tailgated. I guess that's because we usually park in a building. At the Rose Bowl you get to park on the beautiful golf course so my brother planned a great tailgate party for us.... tri-tip sandwiches, chips, soda and barbequed pineapple for dessert. We had a great time. And then the game just topped it all off. Way to go 'SC!

Vroom Vroom............

This year we would not let the kids make wish lists for Christmas nor ask Santa for a present as in year's past. This year Santa was going to bring the kids surprises. You should've seen how many times Amanda would roll her eyes when someone would ask "And what are you asking Santa for?" She would faithfully reply with a huff "We are not asking Santa for a present this year. He's going to surprise us." And surprised he did. Santa brought 3 new motorized scooters and he was even smart enough to have them fully charged and ready to ride.