Friday, February 27, 2009

My 100th Post

I have to say that I am actually pretty impressed with myself for getting to 100 posts. Thanks to my sister-in-laws (Emily & Lara) for getting me going on the blog thing. I've been having lots of fun even though I don't update as much as I would like. Once our new business gets running and this musical is behind us then I should have a little more time on my hands. It's been very busy around here.

So, you're wondering what's up with this picture? Well, this is what I got to deal with when Camille woke up from her nap. This kid has a bladder like none-other. She went down for her nap with a clean diaper on and when she woke up, the diaper was so full that it drenched her outfit up to the armpits. I just had to take a picture of it...... because I blog! Thanks for letting me share. Can you feel my pain? Who has time to change squirmy kids' outfits multiple times a day??? And do the laundry that results for oversoaked diapers?? I need to clone myself then I would get everything done.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Camille in the Snow

Trip to the Snow

This weekend we were up in Yosemite, which is only 45 minutes away from our home. The mountains received several feet of snow during the past week so we were excited to let the kids experience some of the white stuff. (Fresno does not get snow!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Logo

Thanks to my awesome sister, we have an official logo. Didn't she do a great job? If you need a logo or know someone who does, give Cyndi a call.

Purely Intense

This has been quite a week. Over the weekend Troy & our incredible friend, Ben, moved everything into our new office. It's official. We're paying rent. The next year will be tight but it's nothing we haven't experienced before. So now onto all the details - hiring someone for the front desk and a nurse practitioner, getting the computer system up and running, purchasing the remainder of the medical equipment, getting decorations on the wall. So many things to do that it's just about overwhelming at times. Troy & I have nightly pow-wows with the yellow pad skething out the next day's gameplan. It's exciting and scary all wrapped into a tight wad.
This Wednesday night was our first group rehearsal for the upcoming musical. I can't believe how nervous I was. Now there's definitely no going back. In 36 days we will be performing. So much to do - more details. But the youth are absolutely incredible. Their enthusiasm humbles me. And I can't believe the teamwork I feel. One young man even brought me a diet pepsi! Can you believe that? He remembered my addiction from youth conference last summer. HA! (I'm such a great example)
Then we got to deal with Allyson's first migraine headache. I'm so sad for her. Seems like 9 years old is the trigger point for our little family. At least we know how to help her through it. Natalie's got a cold and it looks like we're all sharing the germs. But how can I complain when I just got news this morning that Troy's cousin lost her 10 year old son to cancer yesterday. I didn't know him but I can't stop tearing up when I think about it. Here's his story. They took him to urgent care on Monday only to realize he had a rare form of leukemia and 5 days later he was gone. Here come the tears again.
I think the next few months are going to continue with very full days and unending to-do lists. I honestly do feel like a juggler, a poor juggler with no talent who is likely to get hit on the head with a few of the balls at any minute. So I've managed to escape a little by reading the Twilight series. Think about the HOURS I have wasted in my escaping. I can't believe how addicting these books are. Just finished #3 and I'm so glad it's the weekend so I can start #4. This is absurd - and so much fun.
Guess it's time to jump in the shower and then call the computer guys, contact the insurance companies for preauthorization, pay a few more bills, package scrapbooking packs for our customers, run to both banks and the post office, pick up kindergarten carpool, return the wireless router to Best Buy - and that's just before noon. Whew! Maybe I can sneak in a few minutes with a book while Camille naps. I'm helpless.