Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So, when it's 107 degrees outside (no humidity though for our friends back east, down south or in Ohio), we put our suits on and JUMP into the pool. The bottom picture is Troy's dad. He & my mother-in-law came out to watch my kids while I was at camp. Thanks Mom & Dad!
Notice Amanda lost her first tooth? Yeah! After watching practically every single friend in Kindergarten get a visit from the tooth fairy, she was very anxious to pull her first one out of her mouth.

Girl's Camp a success!!

What a great week we had! Our theme was "O, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Suess and each level had a different Dr. Suess book. The stake leaders were "The Sneetches". Don't you love our costumes??? We performed a skit before every single meal, which meant we changed out of our normal clothes and into those costumes 3 times a day!
While those in Fresno were suffering with 105+ degree temperatures, we were basking in nice warm days in the mountains next to a beautiful lake. And we really can't call this camping since all of our meals are made for us, we have plenty of hot showers and electricity and my room is located in a houselike structure complete with air conditioning, a private bathroom and a refrigerator. Yeah - really rouging it - just the way I like to camp.