Monday, November 30, 2009


Living in Fresno lacks snow, which is just fine with me. However, we were so lucky to get one little pounding of snow on our trip to Utah. Every time the kids walked outside of Myrna's house, they had to run around in the yard and make fresh tracks. Camille would say "Oh! It's so cold!" then she would giggle with delight.

Thanksgiving Vacation

Our kids had the entire week of Thanksgiving off from school. What a treat! So we packed up the car and road-tripped it out to Utah to spend time with my wonderful aunt and with Troy's sister and her family. The cousins had such a fantastic time together and we loved on their little baby, Charlotte. The week was fantastic!

No more glasses!

Natalie got contacts. Can you believe I have a teenager? Beautiful!

First Haircut

Camille has hardly any hair but even with as little as she has, it was looking pretty uneven so she had her first "trim". Our hairstylist was literally cutting one or two strands of hair at a time.