Thursday, July 19, 2012

YW Girl's Camp

Natalie went on an overnight hike with the other 4th level girls.  They have a tradition of making themselves VERY dirty as they enter camp - thus the beautiful additions to her skin.

And here we are a little less dirty (maybe).  I got to join the girls for about 24 hours.  What a joy to share some time together in the high Sequoias.  And Natalie & Allyson had a ball the rest of the week.  I think we'll be participating in Girl's Camp for the next 13 years straight in our household.

Camille's dance recital

We are not a family of dancers but little Ella (blonde) refused to take dance lessons unless Camille (center) took the class too.  So there we were on a weekly basis doing ballet and tap and loving every minute of it (at least Camille was.  I got to battle Max during his nap time.)  The recital was last week and these girls just shined.  So cute and right on.  It was in a huge performing hall and they had no stage fright.  What a production.  (that was a new experience for this mom)