Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney came to Fresno for a fund raising event and we were fortunate to be able to attend. So here is Natalie and Allyson with possibly our next president.


In 6th grade anyone who would like to be a cheerleader has the opportunity. It totally takes out all of the unpleasantries of the sports and makes it a fun experience for all involved. So this year Allyson is giving it a go and having a wonderful time.

Splash Time

This is the new routine. (and see the next post as to why this bath was so necessary)

What was I thinking?

I gave the kids ice cream cones as an after school snack. Max included. Except he does not want to sit in his high chair anymore. He wants to be big like his sisters. You should've seen the melted ice cream on my floor. And can you see the droplets on his legs? He was one STICKY BOY!

The joys of a boy

Everyone always asks me if I'm handling all the differences of having a boy. Well, I have to admit that there haven't been too many differences yet. At 19 months old, Max's favorite things to do are look at books and color. He will sit for hours watching Sesame Street. He rarely climbs or gets into things. He screams with delight and does so while pretending to shoot a gun (aka the garden hose or a stick). My sister tells me I have a mutant. Here he is sitting nicely on my bed sorting toys. What am I doing wrong?