Friday, May 22, 2009

Kindergarten Program

Amanda brought home a form that needed to be signed. "Dear Kindergarten parents - We will be having a Mother's Day presentation on May 8. Please write in below who will be attending this presentation below and sign. No siblings allowed. Thank you." Unbelievable. What if I worked? What if I had newborn triplets and couldn't get away. What if I had no family around to go in my place? What if? Ok, so I just sucked it up and put my name down and signed. I am her mother and I don't work and I don't have triplets or any other excuse to prevent me from attending. I shouldn't have gotten so out of sorts about the whole thing anyway. I mean, school is for performances, right? And for dragging parents out in the middle of the day. And for serving iced tea, brownies, fresh strawberries with powdered sugar on decorated plates with matching napkins. Ok - ENOUGH!

The program was delightful. They really had worked hard on many songs and poems and stories. The kids were adorable and the majority of parents video-taped the entire 40 minute program. Yes - 40 minutes followed by refreshments and gifts and activities in the classroom. (I think I'm getting cranky in my old age) I'm glad I went. And in 4 years when Camille brings home the same form, I'll have a better attitude - I promise.

Creativity Disease

I bought a printer that uses edible ink. Instead of printing on paper, I print on icing sheets (letter size, legal size or 2.5 inch circles). So now I can make designer cakes and cookies. I have so much free time on my hands these days that I thought this would be a great new project for me. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic) The reason we invested in this machine is for advertising for Troy's new business. We sent out 200 cookies with his new logo printed on them. (We all know the REAL REASON we invested in this machine though - ha ha! It's so much fun.) We already have orders for:
1. Cookie bouquet for an end-of-the-year teacher gift. Each cookie will have a child's picture on it.
2. Cookies for a law firm trade show
3. Wedding favors with the bride and groom printed on the yummy mini cakes
4. A possible fundraiser for a high school football game
5. Our 6th grade party
6. Birthday party invitations
The best part is that my sister-in-law graduated from the Culinary Art Institute so she is making delicious cookies/cakes/pastries for us. She's awesome. (I made the cakes in the pictures - thus the beeeeuuuuutiful icing job.)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Special Relationship

We have had so much fun with Camille in our family. As the baby who is more than 4 years younger than the youngest, she is the center of attention on a regular basis. Each of the kids has a special relationship with her. Most of the time, Allyson & Camille clash. Why? Because Allyson likes to TEASE. And Allyson likes to TOUCH. And Allyson likes to LAUGH. Every so often Camille lets Allyson get that SQEEZE in without resisting. We captured it on camera.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mother of the Year - MY mom!

Mom - we are so proud of you!

Kerman woman is Mother of the Year
Published online on Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2009
The Fresno Bee

Kerman resident Susan Boyd has been named Mother of the Year by the Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members and Boyd's family surprised Boyd with the news Tuesday afternoon with a reception at Fresno Yosemite International Airport. Boyd, a mother of four and grandmother to 10, said she was thrilled with the honor and excited to have a chance to work with the Women's Chamber for the coming year.

"Fresno is a wonderful community, and organizations like the Chamber are so valuable," Boyd said. "I'm grateful to be able to get involved." Boyd was nominated by her children and friends for the year-long honor, said Chamber president Lisa Bennett. "We had a lot of entries and three finalists before we selected Susan," Bennett said. "She has a great history of involvement in the community and in her family." Boyd serves on the board of trustees for Children's Hospital of Central California, but being alone in the spotlight will be a new role for her, said her daughter, Michelle Scribner. "My mother is usually more behind the scenes," Scribner said. "She's always cared about the individual and goes out of her way to focus on people and make sure they are taken care of."