Monday, November 15, 2010

9 months already

Yep - still growing. I went in for a massage last week and the lady said "What have you been doing on your left side?" Lugging around 27 pounds every day! But what a cute 27 pounds he is. Still happy as can be and making us smile.

Monday, November 1, 2010

What do you think?


My computer died. Yes, just died. Must be buried. Reloading programs and restoring data were not on my to do list for the week but my brain could not function without a computer so everything else had to wait. I'm up and running again. I now know where I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to be doing and at what time. Whew! It was scary there for a few days. So, here are some pictures of the kids in their Halloween outfits. Are you freaking out with how BIG Max is? At 8 months old he's wearing 18 month clothing. Unbelievable. Natalie and Allyson made their costumes from scratch. Amanda is Princess Leia and Camille is Snow White. We were able to attend quite a few Halloween festivities this year and had a great time.